The Studio

The Studio is a leading Tehran-based creative design consultancy.

The studio has been underpinned by a process of experimentation in different styles to accommodate the best suit for the client.

It has accomplished nearly 100 projects so far.

With practicality always in mind the studio is dedicated to guiding clients towards following and embracing their true natures. The results have always left our clients satisfied and assured that to create an environment with impact they made the right decision in approaching designers with extensive practical knowledge of the space.

The Studio was founded in Tehran in 2002 by Roshanak Tehrani to focus on the two key elements of beauty and harmony and combining those same elements into a contemporary setting.


Lover of Nature, Wildlife, Travel and Adventure Bold and Outgoing Concerned with society and Geographical survey Aims to have her signature style by the end of this decade

“I have always been drawn to classical European and traditional Iranian Architecture and as time goes by my fascination only grows as their styles continue to be a source of wonder and inspiration leading me to create environments with depth and soul; adding a delicately refined touch to a style which I wish to make my own someday.

My current concerns regard the combination of the inner and outer layers of architecture. Meaning the relation between the interior design and architecture of the space as a whole, involving objects from the exterior to be integrated into the interior design creating a unified entity.

I have always enjoyed working as part of a team and due to my interests in social and geo-political affairs; I aim towards combining my career in architecture with both the personal and collective aspects of these interests to extend the rich quality of my work. Despite having a bright and bubbly personality I prefer simplicity and admire the deep complexity that austerity brings with itself. Therefore minimal combinations of classical architectural elements that provide practical use in contemporary surroundings always appeal to my tastes.”


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