Cafe Paradiso
The word “Steampunk” came up in 1987 for the first time, but many previous event could be relevant to it. This style is a return to the Victorian era in which the existence of Wild West is felt. The word components clarify its relationship with “steam”, “steam technology” and “horsepower”. Sometimes, steampunk is a representative of (an atmosphere of) a possible history in which man would choose a way, except the current one, for industrial development. Since the decade 1990, steampunk has been used more and more to refer to the things and environment which not only had been seen in the victorian era but also in places filled with power engines, fictive fancy machines with a lot of details and ornaments of different materials, especially metal.Distinct steampunk models could be seen in a kind of Jules Verne literature. This kind of language and illustration could also be seen in pieces of some contemporary authors like Philip Pullman and Scott Westerfeld. In other arts like cinema and music, we can find masterpieces of steampunkians. Atmospheres in which pirates pass on to the treasures by means of fancy technologies. Even in David Lynch’s cinema, suspense traces and occurrence of a steampunkian disaster could be seen in some moments. The world of steampunkian details, the world of machines and metal, the world of cogwheels rapidly settled into interior design and decorating. Steampunk, as a culture, has caused some artists to redesign or decorate the present technological gadgetry in form of the ones which were possible to exist in the Victorian era.Combining digital media and traditional handmade artistic forms is one of the methods by which the artists of this style have achieved variant outputs of art.Today, prominent instances of this kind of interior design is seen all over the world which has its own strong fans. Steampunk has also entered the virtual world and steampunkian computer games’ fans addict more and more to this mysteriousness and excitement day after day. One could say contemporary human prompts his dream to more excitement by this branch of illustration, and this form of the game opened the door to enormous combats in the real world. They try to shape the contemporary world in types other than the present-day concepts and standards.Defamiliarization off the stereotypes and forms which are stuck in our minds is a feature of this style.Steampunk appears so successful that drives one to dream and stand back from this life for a few moments.In designing “Paradiso” café which is cineastes and musical people’s joint, the design team concluded that “Paradiso” is potential of a steampunkian mode, after several collections and sensing the present mode of the café. Using metal, cogwheels, rusted walls which takes you to the depths of oceans in a submarine for some moments is of the features which has been noted by the team in designing.A wall covered with the pictures of rock stars and contemporary legends adds more and more to the details. Metal ceiling with a red light glimmering from its behind, takes the addressee to the Lynchian world and a damp terra cotta wall which has been unfolded from a fifty-year-old building magnifies the café’s mysteriousness.If only man would have chosen another way of technology.
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