Antolini Competition

This 3d modeling  is the outcome of attending in Antolini competition which took a place in fist twenties.
Antolini Company is one of the most important collectors of stone in the world that prides unique and  luxury stones for interior designers.

-Contemporary interiors and the needs for materials from nature

Taking advantage from natural elements and materials in designing interiors has become one of the most important aesthetic techniques for architects and designers. And using stones is one of the best choices in that regard.
ANTOLLINI’s unique collection, provide us with decorative objects produced by nature and with almost no need of any alternations.
 Applying ANTOLLINI’s tiles or slabs as flat surfaces is the basic way of presenting this product. So in the proposed designs a mixture of geometric and flat patterns is presented.


In the lobby space ANTOLLINI is applied in to forms: one as a cover for the main wall (chimney wall) which is presented in geometric patterns and second on the largest wall as an abstract art form or sculpture. The geometric designs may remind one of native oriental patterns which is not deprived from the mentality of our architectural team.
Using a mirror in the lobby provides the possibility of a virtual repetition of the stone patterns in this space.


In this space ANTOLLINI is combined with unnatural materials and the statue on the wall is continued on the floor as well so we are witness of other capacities of this material.


In the WC the objective was to find a usage for the excesses of the material in puzzle forms which seems to be an aesthetic and economic solution. The combination of these excesses has led into attractive textures that can be used exclusively for each project.
In the common washroom a broken slab has been applied with the target of presenting a design, inspired from unexpected and to prove that even broken stones can add something to the design as whole.
The main bathroom also reveals ANTOLLINI’s capacities in providing bath tubs basins and…

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